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Interesting jewelry and fabulous accessories is a hallmark of Vlada Boutique. Something that catches your eye and no one else has. From subtle to bold we carry an extensive line of pretty little somethings. How many times have we heard of someone losing one earring but keeping the other because it is too beautiful to throw away? At Vlada’s, we are always looking for that great piece of jewelry or an accessory that makes you feel special!!!

Nusantara Necklaces

“How fun!” Liven up any outfit with these vibrant resin necklaces. They also make a great gift!

Made in India. 30″.

Priced $30 and up.

Teresa Goodall

Add whimsy to anything with a one of a kind piece by Teresa Goodall. We love her use of color and material and have her beauties all over the shop to dress up our displays.

Hand made in Minnesota.

Priced $30 and up.

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Alashan Cashmere

A new addition to our boutique and it has quickly become our favorite accessory!!! Available in a multitude of colors–100% cashmere–soft & scrumptious! Wear it over a dress, a blouse, or over your favorite jean jacket!

$150. for Dress Poncho/$265 for Duster


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Cashmere Toppers!!–shown Pomegranate

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Shown above: Basil, Spice, Boar                                                                        Mist, Plum, Violet, Scarlet Red, Ebony